By Ann-Lee and Gordon Switzer
Originally printed in the James Bay Beacon in April 2005

A bleak, cold February with winds, snow and capricious temperatures encouraged the apple and plum blossoms to stay tightly furled. We are including a schedule of blossoms based on averaging records from the past. 

Everyone in James Bay has noticed: the flowering trees are out early this year.

Date of Blossom          Street                           Type of Tree

Late Feb-early Mar      Clarence, Montreal,          Purple Leaf or Pissard Plum

                                    Niagara, Government,    (Prunus cerasifera pissardii)

                                    Menzies, Croft, Paddon

Early March               Government, Ontario,    Dark Purple Leaf Plum or Nigra

                                    Kingston, Niagara,        (prunus cerasifera atropurpur

                                    Croft                             nigra) fragrant, pinker blossom with

                                                                         darker-purple leaves

Mid-March                 South Turner, Rendall,    Yoshino Cherry (Prunus x

                                    Pendray, Belleville,         yodoensis) single-blossom, pale

                                    Menzies, Beckley            pink

Late March                 Menzies, Michigan,         Kanzan or Sekiyama (Prunus

Early April                   Ontario, Erie                    serrulata ‘Kwanzan’) clusters of

                                                                         double rose-red blooms on upright-

                                                                         growing blossoms

Late April                   Niagara (Dock &             Double-White or Gean Cherries

                                    Oswego)                        (Prunus avium grandiflora)

Late April-May          Irving Park                      White Goddess or Shirofugen

                                                                          (Prunus serrulata ‘Shirofugen’)