1. Name all the female statues/sculptures found outdoors in James Bay and their location.

2. In the early 1960s, what was the price of a “Deep Sea Burger” at the Beacon Drive-In?

3. Where will you find a brass plaque with the inscription: “On This Site In 1897 Nothing Happened?”

4. How many bridges have been built to James Bay?

5. On what street will you find the highest number of mythical beings (wee folk) and fairy homes today?

6. How many community garden plots exist in James Bay?

7. Where is the oldest home in James Bay?

8. How many species of butterflies were found in Beacon Hill Park in 1884?

9. Which sport was not played in Beacon Hill Park to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee: archery, badminton, baseball, cricket, croquet, horse-racing, lacrosse, lawn-bowling?

10. Which food did the Lekwungen people say could best be sourced in James Bay: blackberries, Camas flowers, chestnuts, cod, crabs, mussels, raspberries, wild strawberries?



1. Queen Victoria (B.C. Parliament front lawn on Belleville Street), 12 figures of women, all allegorical, three each around the four domes that comprise the B.C. Parliament Buildings (in the Legislative Precinct), Moss Lady (behind the Beacon Hill Park Bandshell), Jean Armour, the “Belle of Mauchline”, wife of Scottish poet Robbie Burns (putting green in Beacon Hill Park), Queen Elizabeth II (southeast corner of Queen’s Lake on Circle Drive in Beacon Hill Park), Mermaid in wood (in Fisherman’s Wharf Park). Female Sovereign of Peace, memorializing the Canadian volunteers who served in the MacKenzie-Papineau Battalion of the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War (Confederation Gardens on Menzies Street), Emily Carr (entrance to Empress Hotel property at corner Douglas and Government Streets).

2. Forty cents

3. On the wall outside the entrance to the James Bay Tea Room & Restaurant.

4.  Four

5.  Pilot Street

6.  73

7.  438 Heather Street

8.  90

9.  Croquet

10. Crabs