July/August 2009

For a cool meal on a hot day, try the following recipes. (hint: buying a whole cooked chicken will give you another meal as well as the ingredient for the Jellied Chicken Salad).

Chilled Vichyssoise

Jellied Chicken Salad

Fruit Crumble

For Your Interest: Our late Holly Rowland used to tell us of Henry the Heron’s antics in Beacon Hill Park. Mr. Rowland visited the office to tell us that another heron has decided to give Henry some competition.

June 2009

Time for some nice summer eats. Try the following recipes for two, with, of course, some deserved extra dessert!

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Tasty Sloppy Joes for Two

Boston Cream Cake

May 2009

Two nice dinners and a dessert suitable for diabetics...courtesy of the internet!!

Please feel free to submit yours. Just pop it in the Beacon office or mailbox.

Fish in Foil for Two

Special Meat Loaf

Sugarless Cake

April 2009

I decided to go “cheesy” this month with these delicious recipes! Cheese can be expensive, and we may as well get as much use from it as we can. So try these yummy suggestions and enjoy!

Please feel free to submit yours. Just pop it in the Beacon office or mailbox.

Cheese Dreams

Cheese Bacon Pie

Cheese Cherry Squares

February 2009

Well, now the feasting is over for awhile, lets get back to easy recipes for one or two. Thank goodness for friends and relatives who expressed interest in the recipes and provided some easy & innovative recipes of their own.

Please feel free to submit yours. Just pop it in the Beacon office or mailbox.

Almost Home Made Chicken Soup

Pasta & Ham Primavera

Impossible Pie

This is really a misnomer because I don't really enjoy cooking unless it is very simple. I have an extensive collection of cookbooks, of all descriptions, some of them are Holly Rowland’s excellent ones that I bought at her yearly sale and I enjoy them read that is! How many of us have spent a pleasant couple of hours perusing good recipe books and then lacking energy and ingredients end up cooking a perennial and easy favourite.

I'd like to start by sharing some very easy and innovative recipes that take us back to the basics where ingredients are nearly always to hand, like Easy Meat Pie, Sausage Delight and Easy Shepherds Pie. So here goes:

June 2008

Toasted Golden in the Pan or Press

Grilled CHEESE — 50 Recipes to Make You Melt
by Marlene Spieler

A Chronicle Herald/Raincoast Book

As everyone knows, the whole world, at least wherever they have both bread and cheese…loves a grilled cheese sandwich. I have reviewed this great little book before, but think that it is well worth repeating. If you thought that a grilled sandwich on its own is perfection, just watch as Marlene Spieler opens up her own world of “what’s new-to-do” with just a touch of “this-and-that” that transforms the two most basic foodstuffs, bread and cheese, into a toasty, gooey, and crisp culinary experience. To top it off, this book contains a brief course on the cheeses of the world, how well they melt, and what condiments pair best.

May 2008

Pork Like it's a Holiday

Culinary Concepts
by Judith Baigent

A Gibbs Smith Book $38.95

I realize that I have given you recipes from Judith’s Culinary Concept before, but couldn’t resist passing on this super-succulent recipe for pork loin. Pork has become the new “white meat” and is one of the most popular recipes they make in her cooking school.

April 2008


by Marlene Spieler

Chronicle/Raincoast Book $24.95

Potatoes always remind me of my favourite “little black dress”, always there when you need them, yours to dress-up or dress-down perfect for just about any occasion. With the price of wheat and other grains going up and the price of transportation following in their proverbial footsteps, more locally grown potatoes will grace our dining tables in exciting and new dishes. Potatoes come in many varieties and are as versatile as they are delicious is a new cookbook that will be a welcome addition to your collection with 25 recipes for potato salad and 20 for mashed potatoes. There is even a list of things to make out of leftover mashed potatoes, and much loved soups, appetizers and even some Indian recipes. I decided to give you a recipe for mashed potatoes with a difference - a great big difference.



Chronicle/Raincoast Book $25.95

About 50 percent of these delicious soup recipes are completely new and have been donated to this fabulous cookbook by some of the world’s most famous and loved chefs and cooking teachers, including Michael Chiarello, Joyce Goldstein, Madhur Jaffrey, Jacques Pepin and Martin Yan. I, and many of you, may have had the pleasure of meeting Jacques Pepin when he conducted a cooking class in Oak Bay many years ago. He was handsome, charming, and a great teacher, how could anyone forget him !

So, grab a spoon and get ready for some great soup sensations….from Silky Roasted Yellow Pepper Soup to the hearty Coq au Vin classic, these 75 Recipes will challenge your taste buds to new heights of delight. Finding the soup recipe for you was a tough job…however, so many great recipes await fresh asparagus, soon to be available, I picked this one. If you don’t like oysters, just substitute crab. The soup can be made ahead but it’s important to reserve the oysters until you are ready to serve.

March 2008

A Guide to all the Riches Of Rustic French Cuisine

The Country Cooking of FRANCE
by Anne Willan.

Chronicle/Raincoast Book $65

This visually stunning, comprehensive guide to French cuisine is the only up-to-date cookbook that covers all the regions of France. “After Julia Child, Willan, by dint of her books alone, has done more to illuminate French cooking for home chefs than any other woman in America or England (Washington Post). She is well known for her many best-selling cookbooks, as well as her highly regarded cooking school in France, La Varenne, which she founded with Julia Child and James Beard in 1973.

More than 200 recipes from this classic cookbook held me captive just like a very small mouse with a very large chunk of cheese, or should I say “rat” in honour of Chinese New Year? However I say it, it is a treasure trove of her years of experience writing about French cuisine with extensive research, hands-on expertise, and a deep appreciation of the current culinary trends in France from historical tidbits about individual regions and the people who make French food so irresistible to the recipes written by a master-teacher, to the gorgeous photos of food markets, villages, harbours, fields, and home, make this a book as beautiful to look at as to cook from.

Quiche Lorraine, Souffle Au Fromage De Francoise, Le Vrai Coq Au Vin, plus so many great and grand offerings you have enjoyed in French and “High Scale” Restaurants, plus Rustic Sauces, and everything else you would expect and love from rustic French cuisine. Our own Vancouver Island is blessed with so many small farms where we lucky ones may snap up fresh vegetables and fruits when each season dictates. The choice of a recipe was most difficult; they all tempt the taste buds, so I decided to surprise you with a sorely neglected recipe, namely, Foie De Veau Lyonnais Calf’s Liver with Onions! So many people HATE liver! Hate it with a vengeance. But no wonder, they have been offered OVER-Cooked liver, and it is tough as an old boot and just as tasteless, so this recipe may open a new world of delicious liver to their repertoire.

by Richard Bertinet

Kyle Cathie Ltd./Raincoast $ 34.95

Before you open a single page of Crust, play the accompanying DVD. If you are the proud owner of “Dough”, Richard Bertinet’s revolutionary and simple approach to bread making, you will know just what to expect.

February 2008

International Year of the Potato

Culinary Concepts is an extraordinary cooking school attended by thousands every year. Founded by the author 13 years ago, its secret recipes with tips and techniques to make cooking fun and efficient are at your finger tips as you turn the pages of this beautiful new cookbook. Simple, delicious dishes range from appetizers, soups and salads to starches, meats and desserts, all favourite recipes chosen by the students who attend the cooking school. How does Grilled Fish Tacos with Tropical Fruit Salsa or Filo-Wrapped Salmon with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce appeal to your taste buds? Or how about Chocolate Mousse in Orange Shells or Chocolate Chile Ice Cream? The recipes are enough to make your taste buds do cart wheels! But, because the United Nations has declared 2008 “the International Year of the Potato “I am going to concentrate on just that, potatoes.”

December 2007 / January 2008

With Presents In Mind

Christmas is just around the corner, and the problem is, “What To Give?” Cheques are so impersonal, great for kids but they always have all sorts of presents to open, and grown-ups so few. So, why not a very special cook book just for them, or even a cook book for the whole family? Or for your Host/Hostess instead of flowers that last for only a few days. Cook Books last forever, (or at least mine do) Here are just a few ideas hot off the press to help you and your friends have a very joyous and happy Christmas.

November 2007

75 Soul-Satisfying Recipes From Your Favourite Chefs

About half of these recipes are brand new and have been donated to this palate-tempting cookbook by some of the world’s most respected chefs and cooking teachers such as Joyce Goldstein, Jacques Pepin and Martin Yan. A portion of the royalties goes to NextCourse, a nonprofit organization that educates women in the San Francisco County Jail on nutrition and cooking on a budget. The other half were previously published by Chronicle, whose cookbooks include A Beautiful Bowl of Soup and The Book Book of Soups and Stews. There is nothing more heart warming and soul-satisfying than a great bowl of soup on a chilly day. Something that we would have really appreciated this past summer! There is nothing more soul-destroying than a bowl of tasteless, watery OR gummy soup.

October 2007

Killer Chili and Canned Soups

We haven’t had much of a Summer and now that Autumn is here we are already feeling the slight chill in the evening air, the zing of wood stove smoke, and action takes over our T.V. screens. Our thoughts turn to heartier meals, meals that really stick to the ribs. Also food to serve when there is more action on the screen or Stadium. Food that may easily be prepared ahead of time. After all, why should you miss all the fun? So, to the rescue come two nifty cookbooks that will come to your aid and warm you up in a hurry!

September 2007

Bake Sale Secrets

The lazy days of Summer are gone and life is on busy street once again. Time to make plans for all sorts of exciting new things as well as old favourites. And one of the ‘old things’ will be welcomed by Church, School and other. Fund Raising groups. YES! The BAKE SALE. Finally and at last, a cookbook to treasure now, and for generations to come!

July 2007

Luck of the Lebanese

The best-selling Irish cooking expert and author of “The Irish Heritage Cookbook” has added the spirits of ale, stout, cider or whiskey to the Emerald Isle’s favourite recipes, embellished with many fascinating touches of history plus the histories of legendary drinks.

June 2007

Summer: Time to Loaf - Meatloaf

Makes enough to eat tonight, and enough for sandwiches the next day.

March 2007

Shortcut Recipes for Home-cooked Meals

This cookbook should be made a national treasure for people who love good food but haven’t the time or the inclination to spend hours in the kitchen

February 2007

Crepes: Dramatic, Quick and Easy!

Crepes - those wonderful wafer-thin French pancakes, filled with light sauces and fillings, once tried, will become sinfully addictive. Happily they may be made in advance and refrigerated or frozen, to fill later.