Local resident, international artist and writer Henri van Bentum launches a second children’s fable in three months

By Natasha van Bentum

“Nimbert and Tirwinkle in an Enchanted Flower Garden.” From tropical fish in a Coral Reef (February Beacon) to Gnomes in an Enchanted Garden, James Bay resident Henri van Bentum has a new children’s fable to share with us.

 “Nimbert and Tirwinkle in an Enchanted Flower Garden” has just been released, in time for Spring.

This entrancing tale takes us into the realm of a magical garden, home of Nimbert the Gnome. Nimbert, who is 90 years old and 20 cm tall, narrates the story, telling us all about Flowers. 

Did you know? Gnomes live a great long age and don’t get married until around 100. Nimbert’s fiancée is Tirwinkle.

We learn where Flowers originate and why flowers are with us all today. For instance, the fact that Dahlias come from Mexico.

Numbert proposing to Tirwinkle (Illustration by P.J. Heyliger)

The story has drama -- there was a time when all was not “roses” in the garden. In fact, the flowers used to fight amongst themselves.

As with the first book, “King Neptune’s Jewels with Tails and Fins”, the whimsical and colourful illustrations in this second book are by PJ Heyliger, a former student of Henri van Bentum.

James Bay resident Henri van Bentum, 87, and a recent cancer survivor, with his second children's fable

Henri, a recent cancer survivor, says, “I write these stories not only for children, but for the young-at-heart, and to re-kindle the youngster in all of us.”

Nimbert and Tirwinkle would be at home here in James Bay, with many garden Gnomes gracing the neighbourhood. The book is available on Amazon.ca where you can also look inside to get a preview of a few pages. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1543037739