Motorized Sightseeing Vehicle Parking Stands

Council instructed staff to amend Schedule D of the Vehicles for Hire Bylaw to extend the current Motor Sightseeing Vehicle Parking Stands 1, 2, and 4 allocations to December 31, 2017. Staff will conduct a competitive process for the allocation of Motor Sightseeing Vehicle Parking Stand 3 from April 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 using the current criteria, subject to the condition that Stand 3 be used exclusively by zero tail pipe emissions vehicles. The City will obtain bus operating and technical data from Motor Sightseeing Vehicle Parking Stand users and utilize this data to assess the relative impact of emissions on air quality from the buses using the parking stand. A bus-stand economic assessment will be completed to define the value of the parking stands to inform the 2018 management plan and fees.

Short Term Vacation Rentals

Council reconsidered Scenario 2 of the Short Term Vacation Rentals report and amended it to read as follows: Scenario 2: Entire Condo with transient zoning; Direct staff to provide advice on what tools are available to limit the number of STVRs where they are currently allowed, and that this report includes options for: (a) a City-initiated rezoning to remove transient accommodation as a permitted use from residential strata property, with an "opt-out" process where stratas can apply to retain transient accommodation as a permitted use, where a majority of strata lot owners in a residential strata indicate their support for that use; (b) a business license scheme for Short-Term Vacation Rentals that is consistent with the Strata Property Act and does not include granting licences for stratas that do not allow Short-Term Vacation Rentals in their bylaws; (c) maintaining transient accommodation as a permitted use, with the option of an "opt-in" mechanism for a City initiated rezoning to prohibit transient accommodation as a permitted use, where a majority of owners of units in a residential multi-unit building (condominium) downtown indicate their preference for this rezoning.

Ship Point Master Plan Process

The City will develop concepts for Ship Point that reflect Victoria's history, support other waterfront planning initiatives and align with City policies. The concepts, which will focus on features including the public use of the site, attractive park spaces and economic development, will be shared with the community this summer for input. Staff will report back as part of the plan with a proposed budget, funding options, and an implementation plan.

Single-Use Plastic Retail Bag Reduction Project - Proposed 'Roadmap'

From April to September 2017, the City will work with the community to explore ways to reduce single-use plastic retail bag use, which will include stakeholder workshops for business, industry, advocate and resident groups to share their unique perspectives related to future bag reduction regulations; working with business stakeholders to promote a set of voluntary commitments / pledges to reduce retail bag use such as detailed reporting of bag usage, improved signage and education, retail bag take-back programs, reusable bag donation centres, and voluntary bag fee/ban actions; and developing and implementing a design competition for a City of Victoria sustainable reusable retail bag, with a financial reward of $2,000 to be funded through the solid waste management budget.