By Robert Hawkes

An emerging Victoria theatre company, Vino Buono Productions, has announced its inaugural season schedule. All productions are new Canadian works, authored by students and alumni from the University of Victoria Writing Program.

The 2017 season kicks off with Blind Portrait in early March. This will be followed by two short one-act plays, including SnowFrog, an alternate-reality view of Canada following the 1980 Quebec Referendum. The final production, Project Mercury, deals with issues surrounding the first space launch of a chimpanzee. The complete production schedule, finalized at a meeting held at a heritage home right here in James Bay, is listed below:

Molly Mcdowell-Powlowski and Sophie Underwood from the 2016 Vino Buono production of What A Nice Place To Be. Photo by Kat Taddei.

Blind Portrait to take place March 8–10.

Two short one-act plays, SnowFrog and The Fitting Room, shown together on May 10-12.

Project Mercury, to be performed June 7–10.

All productions will occur at Intrepid Theatre Club, 1609 Blanshard Street. For more information consult .

Artistic Director Kat Taddei stresses: "A big part of our mission as a company is to engage with our audiences in a meaningful way."Vino Buono provides a platform for new and emerging theatre creators, and through that a "time for new voices". All four productions of the 2017 season have early-career female directors.

Although 2017 is billed as the inaugural full season for Vino Buono Productions, individual plays were offered at events and competitions last year. Their 2016 production, Art of the Eight Limbs, won the Favourite New Play award at the Victoria Fringe Festival.

The name of the theatre company is inspired by an Italian expression meaning "a small cask makes good wine." Indeed, all signs point toward this small collaborative group making very good theatre for us here in Victoria.