We sat together, our hearts were thumping,

To the beat of our favourite song,

The “Our Hearts Were Thumping” song.

We really wanted to hear,

“My Baby Done Gone and Left Me,”

But that would be for a later time.


I went and stood by the fireplace,

And looked at you with desire,

But I must have been too close,

Because my pants caught on fire.


You were very quick,

To put it out with a stick.

I was so glad,

And changed into something plaid.

You didn’t even get mad,

Though I felt rather sad.

You said I looked,

Like your father, Brad.

I didn’t say anything,

But Know he was a cad.


To me, you were the most,

Because for supper there’d be pot roast,

But though I would have,

Actually preferred French toast.


This story is starting to get silly,

And I didn’t even mention your brother, Billy.

Perhaps next time I will

…think of a better rhyme!?!


By Len Cooper