Canada Geese

Feb 2017

By Peter Morris

If you are very lucky, you may hear, at night or in the day, high in the sky a sound like laughing or voices the sound of hundreds or thousands of Canada Geese on their annual migration south to Mexico or the like for the winter.

They have been gathering in large and small groups around the City for the last month or so, coming together for the journey. Some from the Artic, some from our local parks and waters.

Can you imagine the excitement? Except for those who have decided to stay behind for the winter and save the long flight. There are at least four subspecies in the Victoria area that vary slightly in size and color, and are frequently seen at Witty’s Lagoon, Beacon Hill Park or the many other parks around the City.

As the huge flocks fly over, sometimes a thousand feet high, you can just hear them talking and laughing to each other, whilst those on the ground have their heads cocked to one side looking up and wondering, Should I be up there too? Ah well! Maybe next year!