Oh Halloween Moon,

Please come soon

I want to go hunting and haunting and shouting.


Dressed up in costume

Of Wizards and Witches

I’ll be very scary and frighten the cats

Who come out on that night

Their fur will stand on end with fright.


Oh what mystery there’ll be that night

Under the moon’s haunting light

Stars shine bright

But the moon is brighter

Oh light the way and keep ghosts at bay.


Oh lovely moon, up in the sky

Are you a haunting moon tonight?

Haunting the fairies and goblins alike

Send them all scurrying, under the brushes

And down in the water under the rushes

But, for me, will you be kind

And keep, that I’m just a young person in mind.

And my witchery costume is just a disguise.


And shine on me with loving light

Oh Halloween Moon, guide me tonight

Oh Halloween Moon shining bright.

By Mary Loeffler