Submitted by Fisherman’s Wharf Community Association

James Bay Float Home community gets caught by the recent real estate surge.

Fisherman's Wharf Community is now a mainstream option for home living in James Bay. What is a float home? A Float Home is a little piece of heaven! With all the craze of Tiny House living, it is literally just that; however, these float on water. All the comforts of a larger home save for a smaller footprint. Even though they run on lower amp electrical, have propane for heating and cooking, and are hooked into city water and sewage, they lack for little. The community consists of 33 homes of various sizes (500-1500 sq. ft.) that are lived in year round. Tiny Float Home living is sustainable and the residents of Fisherman’s Wharf are proud to have been recognized by Tourism Victoria as an Environmental Award winner.

Newly renovated 1096 sq. ft. one bedroom sold at Fisherman's Wharf in less than a week. Photos courtesy of Stephen, Realtor

In recent months, James Bay has seen comparable homes and condominiums selling in the 600K plus zone, with single family homes with an ocean view seldom offered under 800K. The demand is so high for these homes that according to Stephen Foster at, many are selling 30K over list price. Down here on the Wharf, one home sold within 48 hours of being listed, with multiple offers in the wings if the first one failed. Another sold close to asking price in less than 60 days. Still a third sold before being fully listed. Homes at the Wharf have been priced between $235K for a small 2 bedroom and upwards to $450K for a large 2 bedroom. A bargain for ocean front living in the heart of James Bay. According to David Leff, Chair of the Community Association and a resident, homes are selling fast due to limited inventory. New owners are improving, renovating and adding to their homes at an unprecedented pace. Tiny Float Home living has become so popular that HGTV is adding another program to its roster this spring, My Floating Home, highlighting this new option for affordable home ownership in high priced markets.

If you have ever wondered what it looks like inside a Float Home, now is your chance to see. On June 5, in conjunction with World Oceans Day, the FWCA (Fisherman’s Wharf Community Association) will be conducting Tiny Float Home tours for all to see. You’ll have an opportunity to speak with the owners of these fantastic homes, ask questions, and see how unique each one is. Tickets will be available for $10 per person, June 5th on the dock. You never know, there may be a Tiny Float Home in your future - there’s another one available for sale right now. See what it is like to live in a beautiful Float Home community in the heart of your city.

Tiny Float Home tours is a fundraiser for environmental initiatives and improvements to Fisherman's Wharf Community