Purpose of Policy:
The James Bay Newspaper Society is committed to the elimination of internal organizational structures and actions that oppress, exclude, limit, or discriminate against individuals, including (but not limited to) discrimination based on the following: marital status; race, ethnicity, or national origins; gender; sexual orientation; social or economic status; religion or belief; political views or affiliation; responsibilities for care of dependants; disability and/or medical conditions; age; appearance; physical health; or mental health.

We strive to ensure our business practices and published content are not discriminatory, prejudicial, or inequitable.

Policy Statement:
The James Bay Newspaper Society is committed to promoting equality of opportunity within our business and with our relationships with our contractors and volunteers. We seek to ensure that our organization is respectful and inclusive and that no supplier or prospective supplier, appointee, or prospective appointee, contractor or prospective contractor, or volunteer or prospective volunteer, receives less favourable treatment on the basis of discrimination or prejudice. By ensuring this policy reflects relevant legislation and good practice, we are committed to providing equality of opportunity by eliminating unwarranted and inappropriate discrimination.

Implementation of Policy:
The James Bay Newspaper Society makes every effort to ensure its purchase, contracting, appointment, hiring, volunteer, and content selection decisions reflect the community it serves. Individual differences are respected and valued. All policies, procedures, and practices are free of deliberate, unintentional, or systematic barriers, insofar as we understand and identify them, to ensure equity for all concerned parties.

This policy is fully supported by the James Bay Beacon Newspaper Society Board, whose directors and administration are responsible for monitoring and reporting.

Breaches of this policy are to be reported to the Board and will be resolved no later than the next Board meeting.

 A copy of this policy statement will be prominently posted in the Board office.

As times change, our understanding of what constitutes barriers may also change. The James Bay Beacon Newspaper Society Board will review this policy whenever concerns arise and at the Board meeting prior to the annual general meeting (AGM).

All appointees, contractors, and volunteers will receive a copy of the James Bay Newspaper Society Fairness Policy.